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Content from Cikgu Cukai Zurianee Zabidi

1. Preparing Financial Statement includes profit and loss and balance sheet

2. Forecast costing for the year 2018 and actual cost to identify the variance

3. Pricing strategy based on current overhead and cost of sales

4. Ratio analysis on the financial statement, to get the actual performance of the company and where to improves.

5. How to calculate staff cost to ensure that our costing tally with the profit and loss

6. How to set KPI for your staff


Content from Founder #BigAds Mr. Adam Raffie

1. 6 component in business

– Admin
– Finance
– Human resources
– Sales
– Marketing
– Operations

2. How to create SOP based on this 6 tools.


Content from Founder #PerhentianKravers Mr. Ikmal

1. How to create a perfect team and duplicate the pilot team.

2. How to recruit more staff and let them pay for themselves.

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